Welcome to my blog! I am a strong willed, stubborn, second child of six, logical, country girl. I tend to be very straight forward so lets get to the point! If you are expecting a blog that is going to give you tutorials and how to’s then you should probably mossy on over to  a different blog because I am confident you will find veery little of that here.

I live in a little tiny town about 15 miles away from the nearest walmart on 25 acres of wheat land that my parents moved us all to about 12 years ago. Before that we lived on about a half actor with a small house a just a few chickens and a shop for my dad. He is a jack of all trades and can fix just about anything so it is an absolute necessity for him to have space to do that though when my parents where young he had no such convenience and they tell stories of him fixing cars in the driveway, but I should probably tell you guys about that some other time.

I love all animals but horses are my particular favorite! I am not so found of goats but we have a few anyway. If you would like to learn about my adventures come over yonder grab your particular favorite electronic device and set a spell! I am sure we can work something out.

Oh and if you’d like you can check out my other blogs and my Instagram!

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