Welcome to my blog! This started out as a blog about some of my adventures and places I had gone as well as some stuff I had to written for my homesteading class in high school. I have now decided to transform it.

Since I graduated high school you could say I’ve been missing school and missing writing. So I have decided to use this site as a place to put research papers and such things. I plan to find something each week to learn about and then write a page or two on what I have found. Feel free to comment and add to anything you find interesting. Or just for fun.


A Little About Me

I am a strong willed, stubborn, second child of six, logical, country girl. I live in a little tiny town about 15 miles away from the nearest walmart on 25 acres of wheat land that my parents moved us all to about 12 years ago. You could say I was raised in a barn and I love it!

I love all animals but horses are my particular favorite! If you would like to learn about my adventures come over yonder and set a spell! I am sure we can work something out.

Oh and if you’d like you can check out my other blogs and my Instagram!


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