Alaska, A Little Cold For A Homestead.

Well its a nice thought but I don’t think Alaska is the best place to try and build a homestead. The amount of snow around here shortens the growing season making it really hard to grow pasture let alone a garden. Yes moisture is key but the ideal conditions would definitely have a little less snow.

As I walk through the snow here in Alaska I think of how much snow there really is even though we are quite south as far as Alaska goes. There is about two feet and I’m told there is about sixteen feet in the mountains. As I cleaned off one of the trucks I realized just how much it has snowed since we got here. (I have been visiting for a few weeks) Though it is only about 22 degrees the ice sickles hanging from the roof are dripping down. This doesn’t mean much though, there will be snow here for months.

Its a beautiful picture if you step back and just take it in and I do love it here! The fresh air fills my soul and brightens my mood. I know I wouldn’t be able to grow the things I want and all the snow would make it hard to have horses unless I had a cover arena. This leaves me with the thought that perhaps I should be looking for greener pastures.

So in short, I will not be moving to Alaska any time soon, or possibly ever.


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