Dream Don’t Leave.

Dreams are something that follows us everywhere we go. No matter where you go no mater what you do they will be there. Sometimes you will think you’ve lost them you will go about your business getting stuck in the ruts of life and start to forget. Let me assure you though, they will come back. It won’t be long and you will run into something that will re inspire those dreams of yours. You will feel the light of those dreams grow bright again and the love will be rekindled.

I believe that as we go through life we find things that light up our imagination and sometimes these dreams are easily accomplished, they come quickly and are accomplished easily. Others though I believe will be with us for a life time! These dreams are inspired from a young age and are fed for a life time. You see they say people change but they don’t really. The good book says “train up a child in the way he shall go, and when he is old he won’t depart from it” I believe that from a young age our parents set on a path that will determine the rest of our lives. Though we may go through “life changing” experiences we will forever have one or two dreams that we aspire to. These are the things that will follow you through your life and these are the things that mean the most to you. They will make the difference in your life.


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