Learning to Love Therapeutic Riding

A friend and I volunteered at a therapeutic riding class recently. It was an incredible experience, I had never helped with therapeutic riding or even seen a session before so I had a very minimal idea of what I was getting myself into. I was not disappointed in the least! Just watching the kids open up as the session went on was incredible. When we first put the kids on the horses they weren’t real talkative and you couldn’t get a smile out of them. Of course each kid came with their own set of strengths and weaknesses as every child does, the therapist worked on those but it was just amazing to watch! To see each child bloom in there own way as they rode along!

They say inspiration can come form strange places sometimes and they may be right. I would have never guessed that going to spend two hours walking around in circles would have ignited my love and imagination for horses like it did. I now have a new look on what could be and what kind of things I might be interested in!


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